Friday, August 13, 2010

Surely close to the biggest ever….

ship that has been up on the hard in Nelson at the Calwell Slipway.

IMG_4810 (Custom)

Before she made her way up on Thursdays high tide

IMG_4781 (Custom)

during the session divers needed to go under the water to check everything was ok

IMG_4820 (Custom)

after once she had been taken right to the end of the rope as it were

IMG_4841 (Custom)

The Cape Ferrat is a pretty decent size alright.

IMG_4808 (Custom)

but she does look like she could do with a bit of a spruce up, exterior wise.

IMG_4339 (Custom)

After the small episode with smoke earlier on ………

IMG_4334 (Custom)

where the local fire brigade were called to attend……….

IMG_4267 (Custom)

she’ll be soon ready to go.

The reason that she is here this time of year is because her main engine blew up, she was towed here from the Pacific, and now that her engine has been fixed up, there’s just the matter of cosmetics to attend to, and then she’ll be on her way again.

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