Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brightwaters Claim to Fame

According to reliable sources, a chap by the name of Ernest Rutherford from Nelson was the first person to successfully split the atom in 1917.

This was perhaps his most famous achievement, and he became known as the father of nuclear physics.


As you are driving along State Highway 6 between Brightwater and Wakefield, about a km or so after the main road Brightwater turnoff, you’ll come to the above sign and spot the yellow AA HISTORIC PLACE pointer sign (as seen above below the green part).

IMG_3769 (Custom)

It points to Lord Rutherford Rd North and just across from the signpost is the Rutherford Birthplace Memorial.….

IMG_3773 copy

The main feature of which is the bronze statue at its highest point, depicting a young Rutherford.

Perhaps you may not be familiar with the man, but if you’ve held a


……….NZ $100 note, then that’s him right there, looking back at you. 


So Lord Rutherford, a Nelson College Old Boy, is indeed a pretty famous chap.

IMG_3771 copy

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