Sunday, September 14, 2014

Got heaps of shares in Facebook …. tonight you should be worried!

14-09-2014 7-43-44 p.m.

Not quite the 1000lb Gorilla but I reckon a 901lb at the least …. has just entered the room!

Something not about Nelson…but then……something that could easily be 100% about Nelson…and our friends in Tasman.

Would I want to be someone with loads of money in Facebook shares….well not tonight!

Regular readers will surely know how passionate I am about the region…(especially if you follow @Nelsonian on Twitter) and also maybe less so…about tech…something which I’ve had a passion that started via an Amstrad Green screen PC back in 1987. In fact I had one of the first BBS’s in Western Sydney back then, and it was on the home phone line….something very upsetting to my partner.

14-09-2014 8-01-24 p.m.

For some months now you’ve been able to link your Amazon account…but this now takes it to the next level!

So the news that Twitter is, hopefully, soon to bring the ability to purchase something one of the masses desires in a tweet….seems to me the most awesome thing ever!

Imagine one of those photographers on the try line at the next AllBlacks test…and he takes that “TRY” pic….and courtesy of his Nikons wi-fi connection that same pic, its instantly uploaded to the net……then next to this tweet…you see BUY NOW, and have delivered tomorrow in POSTER format. Some folk won’t get this… but some will.

And for all those Nelson/Tasman artists, potters, manuka honey farmers, artisans, craftspeople, wood carvers, green stone merchants, photographers, you’re just got a whole new world of customers, at least 20x bigger than the Sat morn market …..without you lifting a finger….well except for making sure you are on Twitter.

So it turns out…apparently this is a thing…


now. A sustainable thing?


Thursday, September 4, 2014

She’s just about totally loaded..

4-09-2014 logs

so its going to be around about right that at 5:45am tomorrow morn

4-09-2014 baltic

she leaves Port Nelson bound for Asia. And just in case you want to keep an eye on shipping movements at our busy port, then head on over here for the latest up to date movements.

SOURCE - photos courtesy of Port Nelson Authority webcams

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

UFO Cloud spotted this evening in Nelson…


and disappeared within 5 minutes #gigatownNSN


4-09-2014 TV1

But then Jim set me right.

2014-09-03 17.42.26-1

And you know what ….5 - 7 minutes later the whole event was over!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shes Gone Now…


….but what a “Litmus” showing for the locals. We can do it.


Only thing stopping us …it seems…


is the size of the vessel that can traverse thru “The Cut.”


To my & a friendly local quantity surveyor friends opinion…


this local Nelson Walters Bluff site is certainty starting to look like some “serious beginnings.”

From a RE perspective so far as my eye can see….this is gonna be a “mega haus”

Great to see local confidence is showing no signs of waning in light of  interest rates.”

Monday, August 25, 2014

This Church at Founders is…


well…just gorgeous.

Nelsons Mayor hosted a great meeting in Stoke the other day…


…at the church, had to leave early on behalf of for a funeral of a school mate (sad at this stage of my life - mid 50s).

24-08-2014 8-27-44 p.m.

I think NCC are on the right track but am concerned about the amount of individual input that did not really relate to our fantastic suburbs future. I feel the Mayor and others did the best they could. On account of some saying they couldn’t get there on time, there is planned another meeting Monday night, same place Barnabas Church, Main Rd Stoke at 7:30pm.

Seriously - if you love where you live - be there!

I say our fantastic suburb, WHY you ask?

Well glad you did because there is some traction there. Stoke was voted…

a cool place to be not so long ago!

And if you ask my opinion?

I concur. And to my ole school mate Trev….