Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I remember playing here as a child

Isel Park was less than 100m from home,

Isel Park House (Custom)

about 20m as the crow flies, and features the original homestead Isel House

_DCL7286-hdr (Custom)

– although certainly has had a bit of work done to ensure its in tip top shape

R0012252 (Custom)

was always fascinated by the Pigeon House

R0012254 (Custom)

Am led to believe that this type of thing was a common addition to an English Country Garden

R0012257 (Custom)

so that might go towards explaining its existence here in the middle of Isel Park Gardens in Stoke.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Even in Nelson FAILS can happen

And you can be sure that in 2010 there will be cameras ready & willing to document same. PC130 on a good day……

R0013467 (Custom)

…sometimes when you do have your own fail…..

R0013458 (Custom)

and you would prefer them not to be broadcast….

R0013456 (Custom)

they are still there alright

R0013455 (Custom)

and sometimes more than one….

R0013446 (Custom)

There you are minding your own business…….

R0013438 (Custom)

just conducting yourself in your job as you do each day……

R0013443 (Custom)

but for a moments lapse in concentration…

R0011343 (Custom)

and other times its just going about what you’re meant to do from 9 to 5

R0011346 (Custom)

and then you notice something …..

R0011344 (Custom)

and its about now that you find you are asking yourself that ……

R0011345 (Custom)

……famous question “Hmmm now I wonder how did that happen?”

One of Nelsons Earliest Streets

…is Russell St on the northern hillside near Port Nelson.

R0014321 (Custom)

As was common in those days, you’ll find many of the homes are right on the street

R0014318 (Custom)

and turning 180 degrees you get to look over Port Nelson.

R0014317 (Custom)

Some of the cottages have recently been refurbished and sell at healthy premiums so.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Summertimes nearly over…

So it’ll probably be next

R0015699 (Custom)

year again before we see these, what as a

R0015698 (Custom)

kid I remember were termed “P class” yachts from the Nelson Yacht Club

R0015697 (Custom)

skimming around the Haven again…

R0015706 (Custom)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Self Explanatory Really…

Golf warning sign

Sign spyed just inside Nelson Airport perimeter fence. (Nelson Golf Club is on the other side of that perimeter fence)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Captain – depth check please?

And wouldn’t you know – the depth sounder says “Sir only 2m beneath the hull”

IMG_1921 (Custom)

Local authorities have decided to ensure the situation stays that way.

IMG_1963 (Custom)

Yes they have employed a dredge to ensure

local yachties and foe will be ok.

IMG_2026 (Custom)

In many cases where a channel needs to be “re-explored & re-developed”

IMG_1973 (Custom)

its normal practice that a suction type dredge would be employed.

IMG_2432 (Custom)

But for reasons I aren’t quite clear about now

IMG_2173 (Custom)

– maybe it had something to do with rock / stone content or


so – the authorities choice at first had me wondering?


It has an interesting propulsion system on two long outboard motor like stalks at the rear of the ship.

IMG_1926 (Custom)

The barge then transits out through The Cut and appears to go

IMG_2153 (Custom)

about half way out in Tasman Bay where it obviously “drops its load”…..

IMG_2215 (Custom)

then returns to do it all over again.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why is it called the Webb Ellis Cup

It would not be an understatement to say New Zealand is a Rugby mad country.

The All Blacks are revered worldwide and for good reason.

Unfortunately we haven’t seen the trophy domiciled on local shores since the late 80’s after we were the first team to win it at the Rugby World Cup in 1987.

For a brief bit of history on it – go here.

At the Rugby World Cup next year in New Zealand they will be fighting for ownership of a cup.

PHOTO – wikipedia.com

Yes that’s this same one here below.

IMG_1838 (Custom)

And inscribed on this prestigious & much treasured object are the above words.

You may ask why is it called the Webb Ellis Cup?

IMG_1793 (Custom)

From the original home of New Zealand rugby, Nelson, let me enlighten you. If you look at the above photo, your question is answered.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just 1 day – let this happen in Nelson

One of my written goals is to see the Aurora Australis, or, with just as much excitement  -  the Aurora Borealis. And by see, I mean staying up the whole night or 2 - too experience it because I believe it would be truly a “once in a life” one.


That above my friends is the Aurora Australis from Lake Tekapo – and I’m sure you, like me, need no prompting to recognise what building there in the foreground.

And talk about wanting to be somewhere else for a few days? – these next videos are recent ones showcasing the region around Mt John…..Lake Tekapo.


You see we have a different name for the Aurora down-under….and a great observatory site to see it from.



That and hopefully – although now that I think about it – its something I haven’t checked out – it would be absolutely perfect to have that coincide with the “midnight sun.”

And just to whet your appetite…..



Lake Tekapo in the MacKenzie Basin of the South Island of Middle Earth New Zealand has been recognised as having the clearest and darkest skies in the Southern Hemisphere.


10-04-2010 11-53-35 p.m.


As you can see above (and here’s the jump for the prerequisite video link) there is already a movement focusing attention even more on what we are so lucky to have here down under.

Ok, here’s where we score a low point. NZ is 199 out of 245 worldwide countries on this list.

What that means is we have 13.63 people per sq km over the length and breath of this land.

So on the world stage……how does it compare?

With Hong Kong – 6571 people per sq km.

With Bahrain – 1014 people per sq km.

With Taiwan – 685 people per sq km.

With Netherlands – 466 people per sq km.

With Japan – 366 people per sq km.

Hmmm ….maybe its not such a problem after all?

Next time the ISS (International Space Station) flies overhead, get out & view it and then just try to get your head around what you just saw?

Its travelling at what speed did you say? Are you sure?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nelson is NZ’s home of Rugby

As the signboard at the Nelson Boys College will inform you

IMG_1783 (Custom)

here is the home of NZ Rugby, yes those mighty “All Blacks” can be traced

IMG_1791 (Custom)

right back to here where the rugby game begun in New Zealand, in Nelson.


Back in ole blighty, it wasn’t up until a chap named William Webb Ellis came along

IMG_1793 (Custom)

that anyone had given much thought to using your hands as much as your feet.

And the person who was responsible for bringing the game to New Zealand is below.

IMG_1799 (Custom)

His name was Charles James Monro.

IMG_1772 (Custom)

The first game didn’t actually take place at the college grounds as this painting depicts – it was first played at the Botanics Reserve, still there, just under the Centre of New Zealand monument.

Copy of IMG_1797

After that it was generally accepted that Nelson Boys College was the home.

IMG_1775 (Custom)

With the 2011 Rugby World Cup just around the corner you can imagine the level of interest and excitement locally with this sort of heritage.

IMG_1801 (Custom)

Nelson Boys College has a great tradition of past greats, not all of them sporting like for example Ernest Rutherford who split the atom.

IMG_1804 (Custom)

Reflecting some more of our towns heritage, two of the pool games featuring Italy will be played in Nelson, more than likely at Trafalgar Park.


In fact this event was celebrated last year at the birthday with 2 years to go by having the main street closed off for a “long lunch.”


Bring it on!