Monday, August 23, 2010

Not the Cresta?

Yup it sure is.


This is the car I learnt to drive in, perhaps not this exact example…but it was the same “cream” colour and this car is still in Nelson too – just can’t remember the number plate?

What is it about Coffee houses and old / retro / almost vintage cars?

Ok….so where is Nelson exactly?

This should help.

If you happen to ever visit the lookout (the “old” lookout that is) on Princes Drive, then you will most definitely see this – in fact you can’t miss it. It informs you of where Nelson is geographically placed in comparison to some others.

100_0911 (Custom)

Sure enough, if you are a tad older like me….this may be an occular challenge – if so – hit this –

link here, and you’ll be taken to a more “readable” version of this photo.

NOTE – be aware its a big file if you click.

And if you want to know where this landmark marker is located, then I think the next photo………


……..should most definitely help with your directions.

Is this the best family friendly beach in NZ?

_DCL7191 (Custom)

The fact that its in the sunshine capital of NZ hasn’t escaped my attention either.

_DCL7215 (Custom) (2)

What do you think?

_DCL7188 (Custom)

I remember playing “Orca” back in the mid seventies here…..and although I know you should never say “never”

_DCL7269 (Custom)

I’m yet to be told of any occasion where an alligator or shark …..

DSCN0855 (Custom)

…..has interrupted a swimmers enjoyment.

_DCL0866 (Custom)

The weather this last 5-7 days has yet again reminded Nelsonians of what is coming…….

_DCL0869 (Custom)

Spring then Summer – not too far away again!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Spring is in the Air

Our region is known for the three “f’s” – Fishing, Fruit and Forestry…….


…… its about this time each year we are reminded of this fact when it comes to the forestry side of things

IMG_1301 (Custom)

because around August we see the pollen clouds from the pine trees.

IMG_4995 (Custom)

Waves and waves of them, in fact it lands everywhere…….

R0020057 (Custom)

……you can see the pollen clearly on your car.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Princes Drive Panorama

Panoramic photo of the Nelson / Nelson South area.

This photo is taken from Princes Drive, and the camera is directed in an easterly direction when taking the shot. Monster version (10870 x 2510 pix ) available here at Flickr.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Surely close to the biggest ever….

ship that has been up on the hard in Nelson at the Calwell Slipway.

IMG_4810 (Custom)

Before she made her way up on Thursdays high tide

IMG_4781 (Custom)

during the session divers needed to go under the water to check everything was ok

IMG_4820 (Custom)

after once she had been taken right to the end of the rope as it were

IMG_4841 (Custom)

The Cape Ferrat is a pretty decent size alright.

IMG_4808 (Custom)

but she does look like she could do with a bit of a spruce up, exterior wise.

IMG_4339 (Custom)

After the small episode with smoke earlier on ………

IMG_4334 (Custom)

where the local fire brigade were called to attend……….

IMG_4267 (Custom)

she’ll be soon ready to go.

The reason that she is here this time of year is because her main engine blew up, she was towed here from the Pacific, and now that her engine has been fixed up, there’s just the matter of cosmetics to attend to, and then she’ll be on her way again.

Friday, August 6, 2010

HMNZS Canterbury arrives for her first visit

in Nelson today, and like is usual, she was greeted by Top of the South Sunshine.

IMG_4692 (Custom)

over the weekend she will be on display so that members of the public have an opportunity to view just where our taxpayer dollars are being spent in the Defence department.

IMG_4635 (Custom)

the frame for the tent is all ready on the back deck….lets hope that the TV weather presenter tonight had it wrong, and it won’t be required over the weekend.

IMG_4662 (Custom)

She makes a pretty imposing sight in her grey metal uniform definitely.