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Shes Gone Now…


….but what a “Litmus” showing for the locals. We can do it.


Only thing stopping us …it seems…


is the size of the vessel that can traverse thru “The Cut.”


To my & a friendly local quantity surveyor friends opinion…


this local Nelson Walters Bluff site is certainty starting to look like some “serious beginnings.”

From a RE perspective so far as my eye can see….this is gonna be a “mega haus”

Great to see local confidence is showing no signs of waning in light of  interest rates.”

Monday, August 25, 2014

This Church at Founders is…


well…just gorgeous.

Nelsons Mayor hosted a great meeting in Stoke the other day…


…at the church, had to leave early on behalf of for a funeral of a school mate (sad at this stage of my life - mid 50s).

24-08-2014 8-27-44 p.m.

I think NCC are on the right track but am concerned about the amount of individual input that did not really relate to our fantastic suburbs future. I feel the Mayor and others did the best they could. On account of some saying they couldn’t get there on time, there is planned another meeting Monday night, same place Barnabas Church, Main Rd Stoke at 7:30pm.

Seriously - if you love where you live - be there!

I say our fantastic suburb, WHY you ask?

Well glad you did because there is some traction there. Stoke was voted…

a cool place to be not so long ago!

And if you ask my opinion?

I concur. And to my ole school mate Trev….


Sunday, August 24, 2014

As you get older….some say you get paranoid…


…..but taking that into account I couldn’t help but notice a quick TV add shot last night …. where I reckon “one of these is not like the other” or is it just me? #valueformoney #anyoneelsenoticeit #bottlehalffull #fairgo #tvnz

We might just be New Zealands smallest city, but…


….its just so 100% re-assuring that like our forefathers before us,



in 2014 Entrepreneurship is so alive and well locally.


One can only imagine kids like this when they are older and presented with #fastfibre. Definitely the future and on a Sunday afti too. #gigatownNSN

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Even though springs just around


….the corner, those distant mountains show winters not quite over yet?


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InterIslander flagship Kaitaki in Nelson this weekend…


…and why is she here?

_DCL7013 (Custom)

After establishing our Port as ….


a “one stop shop” for ship / vessels / rigs repairs/surveys…..

DSC_2443 (Custom)

the Nelson Mail reports ….


……that like her sister ship, Interislander ferry “Arahura” back in 2010……shes in port for some work and to have Lloyds re-survey her.


As you can see in the upper centre right of this photo from …..

17-08-2014 12-57-36 p.m.

Port Nelsons webcam Sunday lunchtime, they are working to a deadline already alright.


After tweeting about it earlier, a real side benefit of SOC MED showed itself right away,

17-08-2014 2-56

…the ability for locals to discuss and be informed. When queried about Nelson having a regular Wellington to Nelson service I initially got confused and answered back with Bluebridge lines “Straitsman”, but in fact it was the Kent.

And thanks to Twitter member @ayeletfleming for directing me to the below page that confirmed that.

17-08-2014 KENT

I must admit I was puzzled because I recall seeing it come into Port a few times and the online outline of the Straitsman didn’t fit what I remember.

17-08-2014 The Kent

Apparently Bluebridge / Strait Shipping sold her in 2010. When you see the profile of the Kent ( & as in above pic) you’ll understand what I mean, it was quite unique in that respect.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Evidence of some pretty high tides…


..this past week at Tahunanui Beach in Nelson.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Interesting colours in the sky yesterday morning…..


and “red in the morning….” turned out to be right too.

Surely this is a joke…


have never ever heard of this Honda model before…


can someone enlighten me? Spotted in #gigatown yesterday. #gigatownNSN

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Most personal plates I ignore…but…



I was amused by this one spotted in Nelson. #gigatownNSN