Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chris’s Mural now completed

IMG_4077 (Custom)

After being commissioned by local Nelson businessman Tom Sturgess, Golden Bay painter Chris Fergusson has finished his massive height mural, which he has called “Urban Jungle.”

IMG_4082 (Custom)

The local paper the Nelson Mail reports that Chris has embedded his own “easter eggs” inside the mural. He is challenging visitors to the site to spot any of the 4 birds that he has painted into the dense green foliage.

IMG_4079 (Custom)

Where exactly is the mural?

If you are at the top of town, at the base of the “Church Steps”, and then were to glance in a north easterly direction, you can’t miss it.

IMG_4083-c (Custom)

And, just who is Chris Finalyson?

Perhaps a glance at one of his other major Nelson works will tell you, the iconic ………

IMG_1484 (Custom)

…..“Aotearoa” mural on Wakefield Quay was also completed by Chris back in the mid 1980’s, and just recently, repainted again to its former glorious colour scheme.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Nelsons Main Street

The main central road that bisects our city shopping district is called Trafalgar Street……

IMG_1746 (Custom)

just like the many other very English sounding street names we have locally

IMG_1750 (Custom)

at the southern most end is our equivalent of Christchurchs “The Strip”

IMG_1755 (Custom)

……..where we have a mass accumulation of bars and cafes.

IMG_1757 (Custom)

Where the road ends (there is a Trafalgar St South too) there are the steps that are locally referred to as “the church steps.”

These steps were actually gifted to the city in 1913 by Thomas Cawthron, a wealthy local merchant in 1913.

IMG_1760 (Custom)

According to the NZ Historic Places Trust site, “the Church Steps are one of just two surviving structures made from Tonga Bay granite, New Zealand's only true granite.”

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leisurely Wednesday Afternoon activities in Nelson….

Over the last few years the yacht modeller crew have moved on from Tahunanui to an area adjacent the Marina……

R0019244 (Custom)

..and its here on Wednesday afternoons they while away their time enjoying a “race” or two.

R0019237 (Custom)

But also this afternoon a womens outrigger crew are just around the corner

R0019245 (Custom)

and not far behind them a men’s one is coming up fast.

R0019252 (Custom)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brings a smile to the face

……………….does finally seeing this sort of official graffiti

R0019225 (Custom)

……………on the sidewalk just across the road from home.


…….and this, taking the “whats that?” for a walk…………well just brings a smile?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just nice

….for once to see “no rain” when you’re….

IMG_3972 (Custom)

………driving down to the office in the morning.

One of the things about living here

……… that when you wake up in the morning and you pull back the blinds …….you are greeted with some fantastic scenery at the start of the day.

_DCL1446 (Custom)

And….…it don’t matter how many times I look…….any view over water in the morning………….

_DCL1447 (Custom)

………..with the sun shining so, just makes you so glad that you are vertical and not the other…..