Friday, June 18, 2010

Nelsons Main Street

The main central road that bisects our city shopping district is called Trafalgar Street……

IMG_1746 (Custom)

just like the many other very English sounding street names we have locally

IMG_1750 (Custom)

at the southern most end is our equivalent of Christchurchs “The Strip”

IMG_1755 (Custom)

……..where we have a mass accumulation of bars and cafes.

IMG_1757 (Custom)

Where the road ends (there is a Trafalgar St South too) there are the steps that are locally referred to as “the church steps.”

These steps were actually gifted to the city in 1913 by Thomas Cawthron, a wealthy local merchant in 1913.

IMG_1760 (Custom)

According to the NZ Historic Places Trust site, “the Church Steps are one of just two surviving structures made from Tonga Bay granite, New Zealand's only true granite.”