Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reminds me of life in Cairns…

……the roads sure were hot the other day. And when temperatures soar, black is not the favourite colour to “stay cool” in.


In a bid to keep the dust levels down around Port Nelson…….


……a water truck regularly dowses the streets.


Today though the roads were kinda’ warm and that meant steam was the result.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Great Number Plate spotted locally

great no plate

well…….. what else would you expect?

Off to the right you can see the Street front sign of the Palazzo, just selected by International travels website, as the #8 of the South Pacifics Top 10 Bargain Hotels and one of the only two mentioned in the whole of New Zealand.

Oh and just in case you’re curious, the other one in New Zealand, well yes you guessed it….its also in Nelson…in fact less than 100m up the road from the Palazzo.,,,,,The Century Park Motor Lodge. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Summers always great for a ….

C360_2011-01-26 07-00-59

……early morning walk around the Nelson Airport perimeter. Its public access so you can do it too.

C360_2011-01-26 07-09-51

As you are right next to the sea, it can tend to get a bit brisk in mid winter so this time of year its definitely a pleasure.

C360_2011-01-26 07-18-44

Certainly got my fair share of Vitamin D this morning though.


There’s only a couple of spots you need to be aware of, and this above is one of them.

UPDATE 6:30pm – Jim Hickey has just shown the whole of New Zealand my photo, the top one above on tonight’s 6 oclock news, in his 6:30pm weather segment – bit chuffed really.

Here’s an additional one featuring an “extra”…none other than Nelson Golf Clubs man in charge of the lawnmower on the left of the photo……..

C360_2011-01-26 07-16-56

…….what better time of the day to start work mowing the greens?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Great sight at the end of your street….

Have to be happy with this when you…….


looked out the window wouldn’t you?

24-01-2011 Yachts leaving

Heres an earlier shot from one of Nelsons webcams (Takeabreaks “snapitHD” one at The Waterfront Cafe)  showing some of the flotilla heading out through “The Cut” to Tasman Bay.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Possibly first ATR72 : Air Nelson service Nelson Airport

Spotted this the other day on my airport walk Saturday morning.


Was sitting out on the tarmac having its engines run up, and boy they were revving.


I can only suspect that this Mt Cook Airlines ATR72-500 is one of the first (haven’t seen/ or heard any before) that Air Nelson have conducted a major heavy maintenance service on locally.


In the photo above is one of Air Nelsons 23 Q300’s and although they too also feature the “passenger observation friendly” overhead wings, there are some obvious visual differences.


You’ll recall that, partly as a result of Air New Zealand’s new $12m+ hanger at Nelson Airport, a contract was successfully tendered by the locally based & headquartered Air New Zealand “Link” partner, Air Nelson to service Mt Cooks ATR72 fleet. Previously this work was conducted at Air New Zealands engineering base in Christchurch.

Lots more info on happenings at Nelson Airport here.

Hey Girls good to see you again

keen in their new year’s resolutions…


but maybe thats just my take on it


they are making an effort as I’ve seen them a couple of times now…


traversing from Tahunanui Main Beach all the way adjacent Rocks Rd past the entrance to the Haven ……and onward to the Wakefield Quay area.

Well done ladies.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Couple interesting Nelson Scenes….well…



….couple of photos here of Stoke just to try to offer you up


the opp to see for your self the fact that the “hills” really are REAL hills.


and like me…..I wouldn’t want to live anywhere other than

Helicopters save lives….

…and even if you are a judgemental person…..


I’m here to proclaim to you that this little chopper above is funded in part by no other than me and my colleagues.

This is where she lives….Nelson…..and as I’ve been told many times before….the fact that this little beauty arrives (not to her base as photo’d here but to Nelson Hospital usually) with-in the “golden hour”……it means that locally…… many folk that may not have been…….are still here with us today.


There’s nothing wrong with supporting a national initiative…..but there’s also something incredibly comforting in the feeling that each Real Estate person @ Summit is contributing a percentage of their own personal earnings towards such a valuable local resource.


Just in case you weren’t aware, at least 3 Summit staff/family members have benefitted from having a trip in this little beauty over the last 3 – 5 years. We’re locals too.

Good News for the future too – & the public ~ is that soon…….courtesy of new Govt regulations…..we’ll get a bigger brother to our current machine ~ a dual engine upgrade.


Expectations are for an even swifter and more reliable service then……but don’t forget to operate one of these machines……(and no price can be placed on a persons life) its not on a $20 p/hr basis.

Please don’t forget this in May 2011 when you see me outside the local super-market or out in the Main Street (surprising enough locally we actually have our  main thoroughfare called Main Rd.)

We will be conducting the annual appeal for the rescue chopper in May…..and that’s the only time we really are asking for your personal assistance.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Folks this is the centre of NZ

………….well at least that’s what it say on the plate buried in stone here.


That’s also what’s stapled below this silly “dagger” like thing.


Hey walk up there yourself if you don’t believe me…….see it for yourself and tell me if it don’t look “gothic” like.

But you know what’s kinda ….interesting?

Contrary to the statement the plaque is marking the centre of “Middle Earth” its actually not the real “geo” centre of New Zealand!

PHOTO CREDIT – Bronwyn Patterson

Friday, January 21, 2011

Some say “Green” is good…

For many in fact if you embrace the concept totally you’re seen as a shining star


…..but sometimes I have to ask…… is this what they had in mind


and frankly to “cut to the chase” could real grass actually look this good?


Something tells me that this is not what it appears to be,


and so in the advertising stakes its probable a win, but in the “sustainable” category…..I beg to differ….

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Captains – retire to Nelson….


Well, I talked about it the other day when it was reported, and I mentioned that a group of Nelsonians favoured Wednesdays down near the Marina……to launch and have a “few races” with their remote controlled model (“RC”) yachts.

No probs because that now seems to be standard practice…”in town.”

What’s transpired since then…..?

Well actually there have been plenty something happenings since then,


I mentioned the other day about the Tahunanui “Modellers Pond” and……

PC310716 (Custom)

…well now that the Nelson City Council has acted……(frankly after much intense local feedback…)

PC310710 (Custom)

…and has finally filled up the Modellers Pond with many thousands and thousands of litres of water….

PC310712 (Custom)

………its full potential has been realised in 2010/11 just like it has always been for decades before.

However when I went out last Saturday with “mutley”…..I was pleasantly surprised….


……strangely enough…………not by the photographer making the most of the location & sunny weather nearby…


…… it was more about spotting a relaxed group …just down the road in my home suburb of Stoke…peacefully enjoying their hobby oblivious to the bridal couple just about 10m away.

It was not hard to spot the fact that 99% of them were very possibly from a “retired” background. But hey that’s part of the fun here in Nelson.

With your hard earned “retired” time thrust upon you… don’t have to drive more than 2-3 minutes to find somewhere relaxing to pursue a hobby that “perhaps” you didn’t even know you were going to enjoy.

She’s not new…..…but

……if you look at the photo closely, then you’ll see


….that she looks that way because she’s actually had a hard life.


And not only that……she’s shared that along with her brothers & sisters.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That folks….. there at the end of the street…

well in case you have to ask………but you have to look real hard……..


….is the Centre of New Zealand monument…..


and the good news is that its available to every you & me after a short inclined type of walk.

To get there you will have to pass through history.


Yes you’ll have to pass thru the place where NZ had its first game of Rugby……which in case you didn’t know is a kinda popular game around these parts.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

Now I’ll be the first to…

admit I haven’t checked out the prices yet.

All I can say is that if past years are anything to go by……


then the trip up above Nelson in a helicopter will be well worth your investment, ….for nothing less than on account of simply the fact that you are going up for a short time, and that’s what is reflected in the bargain flight time price.


From memory its about a 10-12 minute ride……but don’t quote me on that.

In the Summer months, they launch off from the playground / sports fields adjacent Tahunanui Beach and seem to (at least this year they have) alternate choppers between this Robinson pictured and a Squirrel just like the Summit Rescue Chopper.


But if you have never been up in one before, ………..then this chance possibly represents the best occasion you will ever be presented with…….…especially when considering a “most bangs for the buck” opportunity.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yup in Nelson, the beach is a popular spot alright

However I’m a working man…..even at this time of year… that means that to show you what’s happening on the shore………


….sometimes it requires a quick snapshot of the real world…..without looking into the viewfinder.


So was the case with one of these photos….luckily the other was a bit more realistic. In both cases you can get a hint of how popular the main beach at Tahunanui is this time of year though.

Picture doesn’t do her justice

the little tug had to try, try, try


as hard as she could to push this big fella around……


and ensure he didn’t bump into the rocks.


I’m happy to report to you that ably assisted by her big brother………..


……she managed to rise to the occasion and accomplish the task…..


and at the end of the day everyone was happy.