Monday, January 17, 2011

Now I’ll be the first to…

admit I haven’t checked out the prices yet.

All I can say is that if past years are anything to go by……


then the trip up above Nelson in a helicopter will be well worth your investment, ….for nothing less than on account of simply the fact that you are going up for a short time, and that’s what is reflected in the bargain flight time price.


From memory its about a 10-12 minute ride……but don’t quote me on that.

In the Summer months, they launch off from the playground / sports fields adjacent Tahunanui Beach and seem to (at least this year they have) alternate choppers between this Robinson pictured and a Squirrel just like the Summit Rescue Chopper.


But if you have never been up in one before, ………..then this chance possibly represents the best occasion you will ever be presented with…….…especially when considering a “most bangs for the buck” opportunity.