Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Summers always great for a ….

C360_2011-01-26 07-00-59

……early morning walk around the Nelson Airport perimeter. Its public access so you can do it too.

C360_2011-01-26 07-09-51

As you are right next to the sea, it can tend to get a bit brisk in mid winter so this time of year its definitely a pleasure.

C360_2011-01-26 07-18-44

Certainly got my fair share of Vitamin D this morning though.


There’s only a couple of spots you need to be aware of, and this above is one of them.

UPDATE 6:30pm – Jim Hickey has just shown the whole of New Zealand my photo, the top one above on tonight’s 6 oclock news, in his 6:30pm weather segment – bit chuffed really.

Here’s an additional one featuring an “extra”…none other than Nelson Golf Clubs man in charge of the lawnmower on the left of the photo……..

C360_2011-01-26 07-16-56

…….what better time of the day to start work mowing the greens?

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