Thursday, January 13, 2011

Januarys Big Air Day in Nelson is fast approaching…

…………and all travellers to the Nelson region are invited….one week today.

Herewith is that one weeks advance notice.

R0016263 (Custom)

The date will be 20th 23rd Jan 2011.

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Annually in January, (here on the 20th 23rd Jan 2011) Nelson continues its involvement with aerial pursuits…………with New Zealands longest running Kite Festival.

 Neale Park Sunday

A slightly sombre mood will be there amongst the local kite boarders who lost one of their own just this past December..…just north of Nelson.


Many of the most exciting sports today do now involve an element of danger.

R0016234 (Custom)

This must be tempered with the right training, and education.


Education is vital because it adds an extra “caution” element to that original training….and one never knows when one will call on that.

R0016257 (Custom)

All in all…..just one of the “big air” adventures available locally.

Cloudy skies slightly dampened last years event….but rest assured no one left unhappy.


CAUTION: for my 50 cents worth of advice the photo above illustrates something very important about the Kite Festival.

That is……the very close proximity of the 100km/h speed zone.

Please BE CAREFUL – and LOOK OUT for other vehicles because NO DOUBT they will appear on your horizon/radar VERY QUICKLY.

All I’m asking is to please exercise EXTRA CAUTION and be mindful there will be plenty of young whipper snippers around…..and as is want to be at that age……they aren’t always that predicable!

I’m pretty sure that I can say here and now…..…that I won’t be the only one there on the day with my camera. I’d say it would be practically impossible to not……. considering the price of digital cameras I saw in the Boxing Day sales locally.

And just in case you were wondering, in a “why” sort of way……one of the reasons that the festival has been so lucky…..(touch wood)……to always have some manner of breeze, is that its location is right next to Tasman Bay, and the sea breezes are constantly blow is all that’s required this time of year.

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