Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thoughfully…Nelson City Council…

acknowledges that there are many & varied interests when it comes to recreation in Nelson…..especially when it comes to the recreational fisherman fisherperson.


Some may go so far as to call it relaxation…but I digress.


The good news is that over the years…………….

P1070870 (Custom)

and on behalf of considerable ratepayer expense…….locally fishermen have been well catered for.

P1070878 (Custom)

So a great sense of “providors of the future” wave over any Nelsonian driving around the port this summer and seeing what local and travelling fisher-persons are doing….and of absolutely all age groups.

P1070919 (Custom)

For me its exciting to see the involvement, enjoyment and excitement of younger folk. In this internet age, its still great to see that some parents are taking the time out to ensure their youngsters aren’t forgetting what nature is about.

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