Monday, January 10, 2011

Down at Tahunanui Beach….

there are a couple of less obvious places to visit. Yes there’s Natureland which for want of a better term….is as close as we have to a “zoo” in Nelson.

Obviously there’s the Skating Rink, the water slides, the usual Putt Putt golf, the Go-Karts, etc.

PC310686 (Custom)

However over on the south eastern side of the general vicinity we have an area that falls under what locals refer to as, the modellers pond.


Its not just for a ponds sake though because that implies things that go on water.


No probs because we have them also…..

PC310710 (Custom)

and in abundance.

PC310657 (Custom)

But no…its mainly because of the model railway….

PC310659 (Custom)

….no not your standard home sized one I’m talking about here

PC310680 (Custom)

….this is of the size that requires its own station…”Sun City” is its obvious name….


because where else can the paying passengers get on and off “officially.”

PC310669 (Custom)

In summer its always a busy spot.



PC310682 (Custom)

well I suspect just because its just a lot of fun.

PC310684 (Custom)

Well certainly from a younger person point of view it is.

PC310682 (Custom)

Oh…… I did mention the rides didn’t I?

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