Monday, January 24, 2011

Possibly first ATR72 : Air Nelson service Nelson Airport

Spotted this the other day on my airport walk Saturday morning.


Was sitting out on the tarmac having its engines run up, and boy they were revving.


I can only suspect that this Mt Cook Airlines ATR72-500 is one of the first (haven’t seen/ or heard any before) that Air Nelson have conducted a major heavy maintenance service on locally.


In the photo above is one of Air Nelsons 23 Q300’s and although they too also feature the “passenger observation friendly” overhead wings, there are some obvious visual differences.


You’ll recall that, partly as a result of Air New Zealand’s new $12m+ hanger at Nelson Airport, a contract was successfully tendered by the locally based & headquartered Air New Zealand “Link” partner, Air Nelson to service Mt Cooks ATR72 fleet. Previously this work was conducted at Air New Zealands engineering base in Christchurch.

Lots more info on happenings at Nelson Airport here.

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