Sunday, January 23, 2011

Helicopters save lives….

…and even if you are a judgemental person…..


I’m here to proclaim to you that this little chopper above is funded in part by no other than me and my colleagues.

This is where she lives….Nelson…..and as I’ve been told many times before….the fact that this little beauty arrives (not to her base as photo’d here but to Nelson Hospital usually) with-in the “golden hour”……it means that locally…… many folk that may not have been…….are still here with us today.


There’s nothing wrong with supporting a national initiative…..but there’s also something incredibly comforting in the feeling that each Real Estate person @ Summit is contributing a percentage of their own personal earnings towards such a valuable local resource.


Just in case you weren’t aware, at least 3 Summit staff/family members have benefitted from having a trip in this little beauty over the last 3 – 5 years. We’re locals too.

Good News for the future too – & the public ~ is that soon…….courtesy of new Govt regulations…..we’ll get a bigger brother to our current machine ~ a dual engine upgrade.


Expectations are for an even swifter and more reliable service then……but don’t forget to operate one of these machines……(and no price can be placed on a persons life) its not on a $20 p/hr basis.

Please don’t forget this in May 2011 when you see me outside the local super-market or out in the Main Street (surprising enough locally we actually have our  main thoroughfare called Main Rd.)

We will be conducting the annual appeal for the rescue chopper in May…..and that’s the only time we really are asking for your personal assistance.


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