Monday, January 3, 2011

One of Nelsons little secrets……

Today was another day for the petrol-heads.

Port bike races poster

Yesterday Nelson closed off a few streets down at the Port and held the annual Port Nelson Street Races. (motorcycle only)

3-01-2011 Tigers

That was backed up by a series of evening / night Midget & Stockcar races at the Tahuna Beach Holiday Camp Raceway last night.

P1030848 (Custom)

Today out at Rabbit Island (centre left of photo above) from 3pm………

3-01-2011 Beachraces

on the main front beach (late starting time because of consideration for the local tides) it was the Morley Honda Beach Races.

3-01-2011 bus

So the secret…………do you recognise this above?


Ok what about this, then?

Well its on Redwood Road, the one and only approach road to Rabbit Island, so in summer months, you won’t be able to miss this “ole school” yellow bus….located just off the road behind the old Triumph Herald

It makes the meanest, and nicest real fruit ice creams this side of…….

At just NZD$3 with a waffle cone they are reasonably priced too.

Disclaimer – no I do not know the person, haven’t a clue who it is, but each Summer the yellow bus opens up to serve the best strawberry, raspberry and my favourite….boysenberry real fruit ice creams I’ve ever tasted.

Just thought you’d like to know if you’re in the region.

PS just in case you haven’t had all the racing you desire, Tasman Speed Week continues for a few more days yet…….more details over at the Nelson Motorcycle Club webpage here.