Sunday, August 17, 2014

InterIslander flagship Kaitaki in Nelson this weekend…


…and why is she here?

_DCL7013 (Custom)

After establishing our Port as ….


a “one stop shop” for ship / vessels / rigs repairs/surveys…..

DSC_2443 (Custom)

the Nelson Mail reports ….


……that like her sister ship, Interislander ferry “Arahura” back in 2010……shes in port for some work and to have Lloyds re-survey her.


As you can see in the upper centre right of this photo from …..

17-08-2014 12-57-36 p.m.

Port Nelsons webcam Sunday lunchtime, they are working to a deadline already alright.


After tweeting about it earlier, a real side benefit of SOC MED showed itself right away,

17-08-2014 2-56

…the ability for locals to discuss and be informed. When queried about Nelson having a regular Wellington to Nelson service I initially got confused and answered back with Bluebridge lines “Straitsman”, but in fact it was the Kent.

And thanks to Twitter member @ayeletfleming for directing me to the below page that confirmed that.

17-08-2014 KENT

I must admit I was puzzled because I recall seeing it come into Port a few times and the online outline of the Straitsman didn’t fit what I remember.

17-08-2014 The Kent

Apparently Bluebridge / Strait Shipping sold her in 2010. When you see the profile of the Kent ( & as in above pic) you’ll understand what I mean, it was quite unique in that respect.


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