Saturday, April 17, 2010

Captain – depth check please?

And wouldn’t you know – the depth sounder says “Sir only 2m beneath the hull”

IMG_1921 (Custom)

Local authorities have decided to ensure the situation stays that way.

IMG_1963 (Custom)

Yes they have employed a dredge to ensure

local yachties and foe will be ok.

IMG_2026 (Custom)

In many cases where a channel needs to be “re-explored & re-developed”

IMG_1973 (Custom)

its normal practice that a suction type dredge would be employed.

IMG_2432 (Custom)

But for reasons I aren’t quite clear about now

IMG_2173 (Custom)

– maybe it had something to do with rock / stone content or


so – the authorities choice at first had me wondering?


It has an interesting propulsion system on two long outboard motor like stalks at the rear of the ship.

IMG_1926 (Custom)

The barge then transits out through The Cut and appears to go

IMG_2153 (Custom)

about half way out in Tasman Bay where it obviously “drops its load”…..

IMG_2215 (Custom)

then returns to do it all over again.