Thursday, April 8, 2010

After that – what else

After visiting the 2010 NZ Volkswagen Nationals in the morning I had already planned the afternoon.

That was to head out Mapua way and to arrive long before the kick off at “12 noon.”

R0018573 (Custom)
Then I happened to come across the traffic.

And let me tell you 5-10km per hour on a stretch that is used to 100km/hr ain’t much fun time-wise.  (turns out there was a reason for this - as according to reports in the Nelson Mail 15,000 people showed up to the 330+ stall Easter Fair at Mapua this year)

R0018570 (Custom)
Twice before I had paid good money to go and see this group/band.

However the good news this time was that courtesy of Woollaston Estates Winery, they were performing locally, and for free!

R0018574 (Custom)

As I hadn’t heard them for 6-9months I thought it was an ideal time to catch up.

R0018587 (Custom)

Apparently the reason I hadn’t heard or seen them locally lately was because in 2009 they had performed 113 venues around the whole of New Zealand.

On both previous occasions and this one too, the reason that got me along was their “Eagles Tribute” show.

Simply because Paul Madsen (Madsen Promotions) and the band just do it so very very well.

Then he throws in a bit of Night Fever from the Bee Gees, amongst others.

Others like Neil Diamond.

And although I was so happy because it turned out all that traffic was going to the Easter Fair at the day when on…....more ……..and more folk showed up…....such that pretty soon the only space left was actually in the vineyard itself!

R0018595 (Custom)

And from this photo you can partly visualise how far away we were from Nelson – not that far ………

R0018579 (Custom)


– about 20-25minutes drive because yes, that there in the distance on the other side of the water/ocean, past the forestry lot on Rabbit Island middle of photo, is Nelson. A great way to spend an Easter Sunday if ever their was.

If you ever get the chance to see these guys, they have to be one of NZ’s best cover bands, ever…..and yes of course – the’re from Nelson..

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