Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just 1 day – let this happen in Nelson

One of my written goals is to see the Aurora Australis, or, with just as much excitement  -  the Aurora Borealis. And by see, I mean staying up the whole night or 2 - too experience it because I believe it would be truly a “once in a life” one.


That above my friends is the Aurora Australis from Lake Tekapo – and I’m sure you, like me, need no prompting to recognise what building there in the foreground.

And talk about wanting to be somewhere else for a few days? – these next videos are recent ones showcasing the region around Mt John…..Lake Tekapo.


You see we have a different name for the Aurora down-under….and a great observatory site to see it from.



That and hopefully – although now that I think about it – its something I haven’t checked out – it would be absolutely perfect to have that coincide with the “midnight sun.”

And just to whet your appetite…..



Lake Tekapo in the MacKenzie Basin of the South Island of Middle Earth New Zealand has been recognised as having the clearest and darkest skies in the Southern Hemisphere.


10-04-2010 11-53-35 p.m.


As you can see above (and here’s the jump for the prerequisite video link) there is already a movement focusing attention even more on what we are so lucky to have here down under.

Ok, here’s where we score a low point. NZ is 199 out of 245 worldwide countries on this list.

What that means is we have 13.63 people per sq km over the length and breath of this land.

So on the world stage……how does it compare?

With Hong Kong – 6571 people per sq km.

With Bahrain – 1014 people per sq km.

With Taiwan – 685 people per sq km.

With Netherlands – 466 people per sq km.

With Japan – 366 people per sq km.

Hmmm ….maybe its not such a problem after all?

Next time the ISS (International Space Station) flies overhead, get out & view it and then just try to get your head around what you just saw?

Its travelling at what speed did you say? Are you sure?

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