Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boulder Bank - Nelsons Natural Wonder

Starting at Glenduan, or "The Glen" as locals refer to it,
is one of NZ's natural wonders, the 13km long Boulder Bank.

Shingles from the seaside cliffs above are reputed
(via Longshore Drift) to have formed the bank
over thousands of years.

Generations past
used to have their
holiday homes -
"bach's" in Kiwi
speak, on the
Boulder Bank,
but no more.
The few that
remain are only
there under
current owner
lifetime use, in
other words
once the
present owners
pass on, they
will be removed.

The Boulder Bank has assisted Nelson over the years
by providing a natural haven for shipping, called
strangely enough, The Haven.

Although tidal, Nelson does have some of the bigger tides
in New Zealand, the sheltered area inside the Boulder
Bank has provided amply for both commercial and
recreational pursuits.

Although a closed off line of rock for many years, in
1905 a channel was formed, becoming known as
The Cut.

Its through here that all modern shipping
passes to / from Port Nelson.

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