Thursday, April 7, 2011

Estuarial Zones offer one big advantage

Access. Obviously only at low tide.

C360_2011-03-29 15-08-01

But sometimes that is all that’s needed.

C360_2011-03-29 15-09-07

And so it is with the estuary beside the main road on the approaches to Motueka.

C360_2011-03-29 15-09-38

The local good folk have taken it upon themselves to digress from txting and email and have opted for another ….more simple…..retro….form of communication.

C360_2011-03-29 15-09-55

And something that sure is a lot more visual.

C360_2011-03-29 15-10-04_org

Though try as I might I can’t spot them on Google Earth.

C360_2011-03-29 15-10-14

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