Friday, May 6, 2011

This week we have seen a change

……..for the first time in quite a while, we have experienced weather that typically would have been associated with a southern cousin of ours on the North Island.

And for a few days now….continually…. (very unusual….but then so again was the 5.0 eq this week)


Hold on…..surely you jest David? No, not if you were like a neighbour of ours….who accidentally left their summer umbrella out on their deck.

To my way of thinking, ……..ok, looking, ……… don’t look too healthy about now.

Nelson is North of Wgtn

The North Island, from memory and geography lessons at school, its further north than the South Island isn’t it?

Well…..generally speaking yes……BUT there is one exception. Town centre wise!

Best let the photos tell you the facts here.

And the good news.

Winter - Monaco in Foreground (Custom)

Its already gone past the 1st week in May and we are lucky that it still feels warm, ……..bit different compared to some past years around this time! (above photo 3rd May 2008) but thankful.

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