Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rugby World Cup Fever hits Nelson


It just had to happen….


as everyone that meets a Kiwi knows, we are passionate about our Rugby…

C360_2011-08-10 10-38-07

……these posters have sprouted up all around Nelson over the last month…

C360_2011-09-02 15-41-08

…and after all we’re just a week out from kickoff.


Local support is running high.


Friday afternoon at 5 to 5pm, the Italian team touched down from Christchurch.


Nelson is host city for the team while they are half a world away from home.


A great welcome was put on, another tomorrow and the first public training session ….


will be held at Saxton Fields on Sunday afternoon between 3 ~ 5pm.

C360_2011-09-02 15-41-52

Our local sitting Member of Parliament even got into the swing of things too.


Standard and away stripes of the local team were also represented on the “field.”

So yes it really is “game ON’ time.

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