Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our world famous in New Zealand “Boulder Bank” starts here …


….. under those steep slopes a yonder, at Glenduan.

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Unofficially, locals refer to this area as just “The Glen.”


Its about a 13km drive north from the centre of town, but much of that is at open road speeds so its actually quite a short trip really…

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….and second to this fantastic local natural formation, is one of the other most recognisable….

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….you could say……almost “iconic” landmarks of Nelson…

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……that of the Boulder Bank Lighthouse.

Ok, ok ….but before we move on what is the Boulder Bank?

There’s a good explanation of it over at Wikipedia. but briefly the website says…..

Boulder Bank Lighthouse

Boulder Bank (nr Nelson)
Nelson, Nelson/Marlborough

In New Zealand, only Wellington’s Pencarrow Lighthouse is older than the British-made, cast-iron tower which was erected on Nelson’s Boulder Bank in 1861-62. On the Boulder Bank too are interesting old baches used by holidaymakers in years past.
This is the longest natural boulder bank in the southern hemisphere.

At the Port end a man made channel, the Cut provides the entrance to the port .


Members of the public can visit this spot and climb to the top to enjoy a fabulous vista of Nelson,


although you need to visit the Nelson City Council office first….


….and go thru some formalities. ("”…like….you’ll need a key?”)


Boulder Bank Lighthouse -  a day out

Boulder Bank history – local legend

Making the Cut - “breaking the bank” history

Argillite or Pakohe – what the heck is this

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