Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Don’t know that I’d ever told you…


this before but Nelson has quite a strong rowing heritage…..


and me, well via family interests have quite a contact …..


….with the sport over the ages….

20080127_154 (Large)

probably goes back to both of our children's selection in OZ into pre-Olympic training camps back in the early 90s.


Let me tell you one thing for sure….


….if you want to illustrate structure to your children……


some like to call it by other names, perhaps discipline, but I digress, rowing is a supreme sport, and Nelson, being home to one of NZ’s oldest rowing clubs is just the perfect spot to indulge.


Well the perfect spot is so true because we are incredibly geographically blessed locally with the Boulder Bank (sadly if you click on this URL link you’ll only get 1 of the heaps of links you would get if you typed “Boulder” into my search box – perhaps you could try that example out to envisage my passion for the place I call home?) providing local sports – persons with a very safe place to conduct their pursuits.

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