Monday, December 31, 2012

At the end of the year message…

…..reflecting on the fact that our region, Nelson Bays at the Top of the South (of NZ’s South Island) is all about the three “F”s ** ….I thought it was timely tonight (after travelling widely thru the region over the last 3 days) to remind everyone, rather re-introduce something that the three “F”s forgets….and that is….FARMING.

NZ as a nation is proud of its “can do” attitude, and over the last 150 + years, this has never been better epitomised, than by our “men of the land.”

With those thoughts in mind, the call today by NZ Federated Farmers president, Bruce Wills could not have been more pertinent or timely. Every paper or website in the last few days is full of predictions for the “next great thing” in 2013, either in a case of “what to put your money on (stocks/shares)” or “spend your $ on.”

Herewith, I suggest for the sake of this great land, at a time when we all need to be reminded of our heritage…. I quote the Farmers Presidents words here….

“It would be great to see Kiwi farmers dust off their high definition video cameras, write a script and similarly get out there in 2013.“

Why?  Well I echo his thoughts on this one…and here they are ….

“It is quite remarkable and their videos (the Peterson Brothers USA videos…the one above is up to 11m views already)  are full of positive messages about farming delivered with humour in a clever and stylish way.This also inspired me to think about my top-10 positive farming memories for 2012, which I have included below,” 

“Can I take my hat off to those Kansas arable farmers known on YouTube as the ThePetersonFarmBros.  Their video, “"Farmer style,” might be a Gangham-style parody, but what it says about farming is priceless,” said Bruce.

** Fishing, Fruit, Forestry

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