Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Amazing Storm the other night..

7-01-2013 4-05-40 p.m.

..actually it was Sunday night…but weirdly enough for our little country town….

7-01-2013 4-08-33 p.m.

….we’ve had about 3 lots of “Brisbane like I remember…in a past life” summer thunder & lighting over the last…


….well it seems like just a month.

7-01-2013 4-02-24 p.m.

Surely (?) nothing to do with changing weather patterns…

7-01-2013 4-14-51 p.m.

….just that I can’t remember when we had such a bunch like this together.



…the local TV station chipped in….


…..and then Facebook apparently chipped in….with this absolutely stunning shot…I apologise that I do not know who took it, and therefore am not able to give the credit** that is truly deserved. Hopefully someone will enlighten me.

** – should this photo that I was forwarded by email be “copyrighted” then I will immediately delete it from the site…but I am just reposting it in the “good faith” that it was received. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IMAGE MAY WELL NOT BE PUBLIC DOMAIN. and should you want to forward, print, reproduce, copy, redistribute, or in any other way appeared to have “copied” this image, then you may be liable for “reproduction right” fees.

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