Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Worlds 2nd largest “super trawler”…

20130320_super trawler

arrives in Tasman Bay. Having left Australia in recent times, the FV Abel Tasman (formerly “Margiris” ….maybe again now???) ,

20-03-2013 super trawler

and being sold on 6th March 2013, the boat with nets large enough to put 13 x Boeing 747s inside,

File:KL 749 Margiris Klaipeda IMO 8301187.jpg

the headline seeking vessel appears to be making its way? into Port Nelson? CREDIT IMAGE ABOVE – Wikipedia

20-03-2013 dest - wellington

Interestingly “apparently” its destination was Wellington, although CentrePort Wellington don’t appear to show it as an official arrival? One can only wonder who the new owners might be?

UPDATE 21st March 2013

20-03-2013 11-57-24 a.m.

The now named “Margiris” again did not visit the Port yesterday like it appeared it might,

20-03-2013 8-40-19 p.m.

it spent the day traversing back and forth in the Bay, there was some discussion regarding leaving Port Lincoln for engine trials, so that could of explained the vessels presence here.

As of this morning she was off the south east coast of the North Island, travelling in what looked like a northerly direction.

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