Thursday, May 23, 2013

Clearest Water in the World is…


here, …here at Pupu Springs in the Nelson region…


and its just absolutely gorgeous…beautiful…. when you see it a few feet in front of you…. (just like I remember it as a kid in the seventies when Mum & Dad took us over “the hill” to see it)


I was lucky enough to talk to someone tonight who actually did some years back dive there, and in his words it was certainly a “lifetime moment” for the clarity…nothing he had ever experienced in diving in his life previously.


Sadly you can’t do that now, diving I mean. If I had one lasting memory or in the catchphrase of todays generation, something enduring…I’d have to say “underwater forest” because it was just so beautiful. (stay tuned – more photos to follow) Unfortunately 60m+ underwater visibility ain’t exactly that easy to translate to the 2D world of todays net!