Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just can’t trust the “inter-webs” it seems…

21-11-2013 tweet

……as I found out today…(well actually really only when I double checked tonight…) …..unfortunately this was extenuated by “a particular person” who at this stage in life has “decided” they don’t need…


….(even though its plainly obvious that they do) …..need glasses!


TRANSLATED into English, from memory….what it was meant to say was something like this …   

Why is the bill so high, it was just to change a pane of glass?

Was a real busy day today… in fact real real busy one…..its been that way for the last 48 - 72hrs non-stop.

So for once I let my guard down… mistakenly ….and now, regrettably, relied on, implicitly trusted in fact, my voice dictation via Google on my mobile phone via my hands-free mobile kit,  to get it right. Plainly it seems….todays mission can not be qualified as a successful sortie….in other words we did not accomplish this at all!

But I’m thinking the photos allow you to get the ghist of what I’m talking about?

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