Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ok Ok Nelson did have an interruption ….


over the holiday break…


…..but let me tell you this sure was not normal


for NZs most decorated Sunshine capital.


Vs the UK…well heres a comment?

In fact don’t take it just from me.

6-01-2014 visitors

Turns out NZ had the warmest winter ever in 2013, and according to stats….the 2nd warmest year on record.

Puts a bit of perspective (no disrespect intended) onto how others are being treated this Northern Hemisphere winter I suggest?


I suggest reading further - a substantiated and not exactly inconsequential figure has been provided;

After compiling data from 22 land stations and three islands, Dr Salinger said that he found the annual mean temperature was nearly one degree higher than average.

Wow that’s a serious figure as far as world wide terms are considered. (Google it to chk the facts)

Considering what's happening to the world wide weather….your window to buy a property in what some are suggesting  might become the Southern Hemispheres new “Mediterranean” is really and truly ….& quite literally …..slowly disappearing!  But hey there can be REAL advantages too!!!!

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