Saturday, March 29, 2014

High Speed Fibre has lots of “REAL” benefits…



…heres a great one for the local public and tourists alike…

29-03-2014 g-city

[SOURCE - article from a Jan 2012 News Article ]


…..and the ability of public authorities / law enforcement / fire / police to change public lighting can’t be discounted as a bad idea either.


In trying to encourage the #gigatownNSN supporters I saw a rather “to ignite comment” bit last week, that went something like this….”because we are running at 1000mph on a new fibre gig network, while the rest of NZ runs at 100mph, we wouldn’t really see that many benefits.” WRONG!


I think prudently the couple of examples about immediately shoot that idea down, and indicate the writer of that piece was not really thinking of the “big picture.”


Don’t you think not just locals, but tourists would love the “feel safe” reinforcement that such a city wide network could bring?

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