Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What a great experience it is…


to visit this place when its operational. The chief controller on duty kindly sent an invite to me the other day to pop by for a visit.

And I really did want to take some extra photos (as those who know me,….know I am want to do?) but apparently “protocol” comes into play. (Those guys definitely have the best “close up” view in Nelson)


Still was great to meet the folk there and see what an incredibly stellar job they are doing.

One second we are having a conversation, and with-in the second (actually I think it was prolly part of a second if I’m honest about it) he had spun around … sat down … picked up something that looked like a normal “old school phone” handset” and started talking in, …in well lets just say a different language to you and me, for sure. Commitment for sure!

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