Tuesday, March 10, 2015

CWC15 - are Kiwis so so on the take-up….???

10-03-2015 7-49-37

…..does anyone in NZ remember Paul?

10-03-2015 Cawthron

Seems some NZ City Councils, even small ones like in Nelson ….

10-03-2015 good

spent like a NZD$1m to get “the name out there” BUT I ask could there be a better way (taking Paul into account)

10-03-2015 8-04-12 p.m.

Here above is my OPEN LETTER to KIWIs everywhere…


CREDIT: Kea on rock while snowing" by Alan Liefting

So if not a Kea how about a marine version….kinda like Paul….NZ actually has a few of these and thats exactly why I included a photo of NZs pre-eminent marine research authority located in…where else…NELSON.

Surely they can come up with something. Or NIWA s local Nelson office might beat the Wellington Head Office if they get their heads together tomorrow!

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