Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sorry folks…but tonight I’ve reached a limit…..


1-07-2015 10-32-10 p.m.

……and just can’t keep going….I do try…. but do the maths yourself.

If a person has 10,000 followers and each of those followers posts 6 -8 times a day…..well cut the maths lesson short…thats 48 posts a minute to read and kept track of…let alone reply to. So in my case where I have a bit more than 10k followers its starts to verge on the realm of impossible.

Just sayin’ this cause I’ve had a lot of folk following me in the last 48hrs who post 12-14 times a day. Do the maths yourself and it would be nigh on impossible for me to keep track if all followers applied that average.

SO THATS WHY I’m not following you… your proposition is just too much for me right now!

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