Saturday, May 1, 2010

Paddys Knob and others

Yes it is a strange name for a reserve …….

IMG_3137 (Custom)

but most certainly there is a story associated with it

IMG_3134 (Custom)

Paddys offers three segmented viewing platforms and car parking facilities.

From here, just off Stansell Ave, you get at least a 180 degree panorama of The Cut, and out into Tasman Bay.

DCL_4720 (Custom)

You’ll also view Haulashore Island,

IMG_1670 (Custom)

and Nelsons famous family friendly Tahunanui Beach……….

20071230_85 (Custom)

and the North Western end of the beach, across Tasman Bay to Rabbit Island

IMG_1655 (Custom)

and the Playing Fields at Tahunanui Beach……….

R0018003 (Custom) (Custom)

right around to the Nelson Golf Club……….

R0018004 (Custom)

the Nelson Airport (the smoke stacks in the rear are the Nelson Pine MDF plant at Richmond West)…..

20071230_86 (Custom)

and on yonder to Richmond and beyond.

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