Friday, May 14, 2010

We’re so spoilt for scenery here

Bit of a drive today, had to travel 90 minutes to one of my listings over in the Wairau Valley.

R0018880 (Custom)

Its always a great drive, and in fact almost a relaxing one. Today was a case in point. From the Belgrove turnoff to my destination and back again, I would have been lucky to see 25-35 other vehicles in total.

R0018994 (Custom)

Tons of time therefore to take in the scenery too.

R0018940 (Custom)

And on account of not being held up by traffic and being able to sit on a safe steady speed ……

R0018987 (Custom)

…….I arrived some minutes early so had a chance to make a short detour to the Lakes.

R0018919 (Custom)

Always pleasant here……………

R0018909 (Custom)

and today was no exception, no wind 

R0018906 (Custom)

- very still on the lake surface

R0018908 (Custom)

and even a few friendly locals to greet me.

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