Sunday, October 24, 2010

Isel Park Stoke Nelson

Thomas Marsden had quite an interest in horticulture when he began his first plantings back 161 “springs” ago.

Walkway (Large)

Local history website, “The Prow” describes how the legacy started;

Thomas quickly planned a 12-acre (4.8ha) park and was responsible for planting the specimen trees that formed the basis of today’s Isel Park.

Isel House and drive (Large)

Annually this is celebrated locally with the “Isel in Bloom” Festival, this years being just a few weekends back.

Isel House (Large)

A couple of weeks later and all has been returned to normal. The grounds and surrounding area make it a favourite spot to enjoy the serenity and majesty of trees that are at least 100 years old .

Creekside (Large)

Locally its also a favourite place for locals to walk their dog.

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