Thursday, October 7, 2010

Water everywhere……

Visited our daughters and families in Christchurch this past weekend,

R0020777 (Large)

and stopped over at Maruia Falls just to see the effects of all the rain.

R0020772 (Custom)

Sure was some water this time.

R0020776 (Large)

Even to the extend of creating small eddies that contained many logs awaiting their trip further down the river.

Here’s a Youtube video of some folk being just a tad more adventurous at the falls a few years ago.

Interestingly enough in these seismically aware times……the falls creation was as a result of the large 7.8 1929 earthquake that hit the Murchison region.

In the process it diverted the course of the river, choosing the new path, which after many extra years of erosion has resulted in what we see today.

More info on the Maruia Falls here.

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