Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Private Jets – they are a comin’

maybe the secret is getting out about NZ’s sunshine and lifestyle capital..

R0015676 (Custom)

…last year we had a couple of these millionaire owned beasts show up


…like this $50m beauty here back in October of this year…


but just an hour ago today this $50m + beauty just landed…and I’m just as puzzled as the next guy as to who it belongs to?

Plane Spotters HELP!

The one in October was a G550 I think, one just like Sir Peter Jacksons????

BUT tonight’s has many more windows than that and what…at least to me looks like bigger engines? 650?????

If its true to form…like most before it…it will belong to Wells Fargo Bank, c/- somewhere in the States.

Any assistance appreciated.

UPDATED 29-12-2010

Turns out that Global Express XRS VH-OCV is the Goodmans latest unit, see UPDATE here.

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