Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kokomo was a hit for the Beach Boys

now she is a hit with local photographers.


MV Kokomo.

R0011977 (Custom)

I was sitting at the Seafarers Monument at Sunderland Pier having a sandwich, watching the fishermen, with my Mum who’s visiting and noticed the pilot boat coming back in through the cut.


Scanning the horizon though, I couldn’t spot any large ship leaving or arriving.


Only then did I spot the massive tall mast approaching on the other side of the Boulder Bank, even though it was low tide it was still very clear. And at 63m’s tall that mast wasn’t too hard to spot.R0012005a

Then a photographer from the local paper, the Nelson Mail showed up with his Canon EOS 1D and snapped happily away…muttering  “there could be a story in this.”


She was a might impressive yacht, 58+m in length attests to that.


Marine Traffic’s website is showing her …….

30-12-2010 1-34-18 p.m.

currently at Port Nelson on their radar too.

30-12-2010 1-33-42 p.m.

……..having tracked around the top of the South Island to get here.

Further info & photos here at the the builders site.

Official Kokomo site here.

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