Thursday, July 7, 2011

Haven’t seen them in 2 years but

I’m sure they’re out there somewhere.


In the realm of miniaturization though…check out the difference a year can make.


Between the 2008 version top and the late 2009 adornments, above, on the roof of EFR388, (however I suspect one of these might have had something to do with their WiFi identification system) ……………but I must say here and now

6-07-2011 8-46-24 p.m.

it is very frustrating that the Google Street View Team haven’t finished Stoke, especially after all guys it was voted in 2010 the number one suburb in New Zealand to live. There’s at least 40% of the suburb not covered by the cameras…..and its been like that for nearly 3 years now!

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