Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nelson – Australasia's Biggest Fishing Port

What do you do when you have a multi million dollar Tuna fishing boat


and all of a sudden….she needs a bit more


than just a simple touch up.


Well you call up the folks on the waterfront in Nelson, New Zealand.…that’s just what you do.


They have “experience” in those multi million dollar refits…


After all its not the first time we’ve had some “big metal” here for some “extra” work is it?

IMG_0232 (Custom)

If there is one “top of mind” memory that I retain from my “growing up” days back in the early 80’s here in Nelson (well other than buying that fab fur hat & boots from that Russian fishermen) it was that pilot in the Hughes 500 heli that was off one of the first major Purse Seiners to dock at Port Nelson.


He did acrobatics over the Port back then….that was pretty spectacular back in 1980.

I’m sure there must be a few Nelsonians who remember that!




Nelson  Capt M J Souza above


Proving that we have the stuff, the “Western Pacific” (pictured top) is the third “lass” up on the hard over the last 7-9 month, She looks like she’s in for a major bit of “kit” work, and the good news is that all of the associated services / trades at Port Nelson can do it.

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