Friday, August 19, 2011

All I can say……


….is thank goodness Nelson never experiences these sort


of climatic interludes. Crickey, if we did, then all I could further mention……


…..would be “G*d help the rest of NZ.”




Because, if like me, you don’t watch the TV news regularly on account of its “incredible positivity”

2011-08-15 10.48.07

you may have missed the fact that this past week, many parts of Godsown were, for want of a better term,

C360_2011-08-15 07-30-07

…..(in a “guess the car” sort of way) climactically challenged.

C360_2011-08-17 10-14-00

But if you’d spotted Jim on Monday or Tuesday night, one thing may have taken your attention….or at least…should of.

C360_2011-08-16 08-31-20

That thing……well Nelson, courtesy of our geography, well we were not affected by what happened to the rest of NZ.

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