Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ohau Point residents on the move…

C360_2011-08-17 14-03-55

It would seem that it wasn’t just the snow that was a major force in everyones thoughts this last few days.

C360_2011-08-17 14-05-10

Courtesy of that lovely Polar Blast other residents found it tough too.

C360_2011-08-17 14-03-45

No not just Happy Feet, I mean our fine fur covered friends here.

C360_2011-08-17 14-08-20

I counted about 5 nearly on the roadway, they were already onto the bitumen,

C360_2011-08-17 14-09-31

but luckily for them………..not quite on the main highway laneway this afternoon.

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