Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nelson on track to host a World Record….


…..well if this is what 2 years of work & toil can produce, I wonder what twice or three times that much time and toil can do.


The World Record is, currently as of 2011….apparently 1818.5lbs (824.85kg) but after just two years of effort, local Nelsonian John McKays vine feed vegetable is already at 616kgs.

This follows on from his first years effort as the local paper the “Nelson Mail” reports hence….

For the second year in a row Mr McKay has taken first prize in the Mapua Mega Pumpkin competition. Last year his whopper weighed in at 497 kilograms. On Saturday he eclipsed that with a monster of 616kg. He's still 105kg short of the New Zealand record, 721kg set on April 2 in Whangerei.

What does the future hold?


Well it seems its all in the family connections, because Johns daughter, Anika took out this years runner up spot with her own fabulous 384kg example of the Squash variety.


Will any of these be “zombiefied” like happened in North America? I do hope not.

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