Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ok its not coastline…

10-04-2012 Feb cover

…….and therefore qualifies as almost off-topic for this blog….

….but when I saw this cover yesterday at a local library, I realised the importance that other parts of this “Mainland” (ie; the South Island of NZ where I was born ) offer up to adventurous members of the public. So, although this is patently not in the “normal vein” of a photo a day of Nelson, I thought it important to illustrate what for many of us locals, the grandness that is, just another part of this southern half of NZ. Place pictured above is in DOCs Hakatere Conservation Park, at a spot called the Balmacaan Saddle. Compilation photo below is also from Hakatere.

10-04-2012 hara22

Me, well I wouldn’t be like the person exampled in the pic, no a scene like that….well it would have me sitting down, pondering at the greatness of it all, perhaps even at ….. what an insignificant thing a small human is against such grandness of nature…..oooophs I’m going on a bit now…you make your own mind up.

2012 sep point

Then again I noted what it said at the bottom of that front cover pictured above, and then if that wasn’t enough page, 4~5 had this image of Separation Point.

It almost felt serendipitous, and frankly, that’s probably what’s behind my motivation for sharing this with you tonight.

10-04-2012 10-48-59 p-m-

Indeed on Page 54, it does just that ~ it takes you on a wander thru Nelson Lakes National Park, and on the next double page spread there is a map overhead of the region that looks just like the one I remember seeing our teacher explain to our 4th Form class from Nayland College when we visited the Lodge up at Lake Rotoiti, a few years back.


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