Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Contrary to Popular belief…

…..that thing called the Nelson Haven… in reality….its really a heaven…..a safe haven.

…..I can tell you this because those 3 Russian/Ukrainian trawlers you can see top right in the background…..they are in fact not sitting on the seabed, they are parked up au Port Nelson.

As they have for many years. I don’t know if it is them or others before them, but 30~31 odd years ago when I worked down there at the Port, for what was then the NZ Apple & Pear Board…one of the most treasured items we looked forward to bargaining for, was, soon as those “ships docked” was those Russian “fur hats” and “boots.”  Jackets / overcoats – yep that was a dream..on my wages then, I couldn’t afford them…but those that could…I' am sure that those overcoats would have kept a Polar Bear warm!